What Is Porchfest?

Porchfests are annual music festivals held on front porches in small towns and large cities across the nation, bringing musicians and neighbors together to build community spirit.

October 16th, 2021


What is Porchfest? 

Porchfest is a free music festival that is taking place on the front porches of neighborhoods in small towns and large cities across the nation, and it’s coming to Grants Pass again this summer!  

Porchfest is a revival of a tradition from the past, when time moved a little more slowly and folks gathered on their porches to visit with neighbors, family, and friends, brought out the guitar or fiddle, and made music together.     

This family-friendly, free, community-building event, the first in Oregon, and our third year of holding the event in Grants Pass, will feature local musicians performing a variety of music genres on the front porches of historic Grants Pass homes. Porchfest occurs in the NW Washington Boulevard area of town, with the participating streets closed down to vehicle traffic.   

Is Porchfest really free? 

Yes – thanks to your donations, the generosity of our sponsors, and dedicated volunteers, we are able to present this event at no cost to our guests.  To help keep this event free, please consider donating, sponsoring, helping or purchasing items at the festival.  

Also, you can choose to tip the performers to show your appreciation of their generosity.   

What is new for 2021? 

Due to COVID, there may be restrictions in place that we are not currently aware of. We will follow State of Oregon and CDC guidelines. All requirements will be posted on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.   

Besides the music, what else is there? 

In Lawnridge Park, there will be artists and crafter booths; vendors with delicious food will be located throughout the event. Of course, there is a raffle with many donated prizes from Grants Pass companies.   

What should I bring with me? What should I leave at home? 

We advise you to bring folding chairs and blankets for seating in Lawnridge Park and in front of porches.  

Most of our vendors accept both cash and credit cards, so bring one or both for food and merchandise purchases.   

Is Porchfest walkable?  And is it pet and child friendly? 

Yes – our route is only a few blocks long, and the streets where bands are performing are closed to make this event especially pedestrian, child and pet friendly. Friendly, well-behaved dogs on leashes are more than welcome.    

We love kids and kids love Porchfest – all of our music is family friendly, and Lawnridge Park has plenty of room for a little running around.    

Is Porchfest accessible for those with disabilities? 

There is limited handicapped parking in the Bethany Presbyterian Church at NW 5th Street entrance and NW Hawthorne Ave next to Lawnridge Park.   

Is there a schedule or map available? 

Schedules and maps are provided to visitors on Porchfest day at the festival, on our Facebook page and Web site as we get closer to the event.   

If the streets are closed, where do I park? 

Normal street parking outside of the event area is available to all. However, this is a very popular event, please consider carpooling, walking or biking to the event.   

What vendors will be there for food? 

There will be various food vendors at the event.   

Who organizes this event? 

The organizational effort is led by Rogue Gateway Rotary, a non-profit board of directors and our amazing volunteers. Please consider helping us. We’d love to have you on our team. Contact us at the following email: porchfestgrantspass@gmail.com       

Can I purchase alcoholic beverages? Is alcohol allowed?   

No. Alcohol is not allowed and it will not be sold by any vendor.   

What about restroom facilities? 

Restroom facilities are located near Lawnridge Park and on 4th Street.   

Do you have a lost and found? 

Yes, at the event information booth.   

Why do you have sponsors?  

Porchfest Grants Pass is an annual charitable event, with excess proceeds benefitting youth programs in Josephine County.  Many Oregon businesses and companies support Porchfest Grants Pass; their funds cover our costs and excess funds are passed to our designated non-profit recipients.  

How is my donation used? 

This year we have chosen Family Solutions (https://familysolutionsoregon.org/), CASA (https://jococasa.org/), and Project Youth+ (formerly College Dreams) (https://projectyouthplus.org); plus, other youth programs supported by the Rogue Gateway Rotary.     

Who are the recipients of donations from Porchfest 2021? 

Project Youth + 

Project Youth+ prepares low-income, first-generation and underrepresented youth to thrive in school, college and careers. 

Home — Project Youth+ (projectyouthplus.org)  

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) 

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) speak for foster children in the courtroom, representing solely the child’s best interests. 

Home – CASA of Josephine County (jococasa.org)  

 Family Solutions  

Family Solutions provides mental health services, creating opportunities for healing with children, adults, and families. 

Family Solutions | Empowering Families – Enhancing LivesFamily Solutions (familysolutionsoregon.org)  

Do the musicians get paid? 

No one does. Organizers, performers, porch hosts, and others all participate as volunteers and all give freely of their time, talents, resources, and hospitality as a gift to the neighborhood, the community, and to each other. Musicians are free to put out a tip jar or sell their music.    

Are you going to have a raffle this year? 

Yes, there will be a raffle.  Purchase Porchfest 2021 wristbands at several to be announced locations. Each wristband purchase will give you an entry for several prizes. [more information coming soon]  

If I want to make a donation, is it tax deductible? 

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible.   

Is there a Hashtag? 

Use #GPporchfest2019 for all Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.  

Can Porchfest be cancelled or postponed? 

Extreme weather conditions are out of our control and may cause temporary delays, postponement, or cancellation of this event.  A spike in COVID cases or other emergency conditions could cause restrictions, postponement, or cancellation. 


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